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A new Shihan

A new Shihan
On a cold November morning it was the hardy and dedicated who turned up for the grading and course. Sensei Collick took the bulk of the session, working mainly on use of the hips. As the hip-orientated training drew to a close Sensei Collick gave a demonstration of kata, comparing Sandokai kata with those of our previous association, Bujinkai. Taikyoku and Pinan Yon/Yondan were demonstrated followed by the two 3rd Dan kata - Unsu in Sandokai and Kirei-Na Kata from Bujinkai. He ended up with a quick demonstration of tameshewara combined with kata bunkai.

Afterwards he was presented with his 6th Dan and a new red and white belt.

After a break the grading started in earnest with Shihan Whale, Gilbert and Collick on the panel.

The results were as follows…

Promoted to 8th Kyu, white belt.
Jan Patryas
Joby Johnson

Promoted to 5th Kyu, green belt.
Lewis Granville
Max Granville

Promoted to 3rd Kyu, blue belt.
Diogo Camacho
Charles Sweeney

Promoted to 2nd Kyu, brown belt.
Finn Tennenbaum
Christelle Challand

And of course, Adam Collick promoted to 6th Dan and gaining the title of Shihan.