Traditional martial arts tuition in Cornwall, UK.

Grading Results: November 2016

A long but satisfying day
With Cornwall recovering from a violent storm the dojo was cold at 10.00 a.m., so Sensei Hughes put everyone through a vigorous set of kihon to get them warm before Sensei Collick took over and worked on hikite techniques. The senior grades then split off with Shihan Gilbert for instructor training while the remainder were grilled in more kihon by Shihan Whale.

At the end of the morning session Shihan Gilbert gave a demonstration of Saipai kata and it's bunkai followed by breaking a stack of concrete slabs. Shihan Whale then presented him with a certificate and informed the members why he had been promoted to 7th Dan that day.

Shihan Gilbert headed up the grading panel, assisted by Shihan Whale and Sensei Collick.

Those successful were…

Promoted to 8th kyu - white belt
Ira Brett
Orion Salter

Promoted to 7th kyu - yellow belt
Gabriel Mackley
Charles Sweeney

Promoted to 6th kyu - orange belt
Max Granville
Lewis Granville

Promoted to 5th kyu - green belt
Diogo Camacho
Chloe Collick
Marcus Penhaligon
Molly Wallace
Chloe Williams

Promoted to 4th kyu - purple belt
Sarah Ewen
Christelle Challand

Promoted to 3rd kyu - blue belt
Owen Bradbury
Oban Scobie
Sarah Sowerby
Finn Tennenbaum

Promoted to 2nd kyu - brown belt
Amy Campbell

Promoted to 1st kyu - brown belt
Jade Blakiston
Kai Goddard

Well done, all.