Traditional martial arts tuition in Cornwall, UK.

Grading results: May 2016

Clean sweep - for once!
The morning's training produced a lot of sweat - whether it was the work rate or the weather (close and muggy) is up for debate! Sensei Collick started the session with pair work focussed on mobility and agility, then the class was split into senior grades and junior grades. The seniors continued with more gruelling pair work while the juniors worked on kihon, ippon kumite and kata in preparation for the grading.

After the break Shihan Gilbert headed the grading panel with Shihan Whale and Sensei Collick. Overall it was a good grading, albeit only with a few people being tested.


Promoted to 7th kyu - yellow belt
Molly Wallace
Max Granville
Lewis Granville

Promoted to 6th kyu - orange belt
Sarah Ewen
Christelle Challand

Promoted to 5th kyu - green belt
Holly McGroory
Sarah Sowerby
Harrison Songhurst
Adam Shutt

Promoted to 4th kyu - purple belt
Owen Bradbury

Well done, all.