Traditional martial arts tuition in Cornwall, UK.

Grading results: August 2015

A new black belt
Today's training course focussed on footwork and stances with Sensei Collick putting everyone through a selection of routines to clarify what was required. Then the grades were split into smaller groups with Shihan Whale and Sensei Long drilling the lower grades in kihon, kata and ippon kumite while Shihan Gilbert and Sensei Collick worked on kata and ippon kumite with the higher grades.

After a break Shihan Gilbert headed up the grading panel assisted by Shihan Whale and Sensei Collick. Regrettably not everyone passed. Those who did not make the grade that day were given feedback on where they needed to make improvements to ensure that they passed next time.

Those who were successful were...

Promoted to 8th kyu, white belt.
  Ben Adams
  Lewis Granville
  Max Granville
  Holly Johns
  Holly McGroary
  Sarah-Jane Sowerby

Promoted to 7th kyu, yellow belt.
  Marcus Penhaligon
  Adam Shutt
  Coby Wear
  Daniel Westley

Promoted to 6th kyu, orange belt.
  Ed Foot

Promoted to 3rd kyu, blue belt.
  Jack Williams

Promoted to 2nd kyu, brown belt.
  Peter Batchelour
  Sophie Ford

Extra congratulations go to Rachael Hannaford who's karate expertise earned her the grade of Shodan, black belt 1st dan. Well done!