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Grading Results: February 2017

The determined few
Only a few hardy souls made it to the grading course and training today, but those who were there were treated to a series of drills to improve their hikite, hips and stances by Shihan Gilbert.

After the break the panel (consisting of Shihan Whale, Shihan Gilbert and Sensei Collick) put the intrepid few through their paces.

Not all passed, but those who did were…

Promoted to 6th kyu - orange belt
Gabriel Mackley
Charles Sweeney

Promoted to 4th kyu - purple belt
Diogo Camacho

A special mention must go to Sempai Victoria Olobia who put in a sterling performance including a beautiful Tai Chi sword form. Despite breaking her arm during the sparring she continued to complete her grading and was awarded the grade of Nidan, Black belt 2nd Dan.

Well done all.