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Grading Results : May 2017

Not our finest hour
Many years ago a brown belt entered Shihan Whale's dojo at Penzance. He was about to take his black belt with another karate style and wanted a bit of extra training. He stated that he had recently won his section in a national karate competition. As the training progressed it was noted that his karate was "different" to that of the Penzance club and Shihan Whale decided to end the evening with sparring. The brown belt - alleged national champion - was beaten all round the room by yellow belts. It was obvious that he didn't have a clue what he was doing and his standard was far below that of Shihan Whale's students. He never returned to the club, nor did he take his black belt. He was so disillusioned that he gave up his karate.

This incident helped formulate one of Sandokai's basic tenets. It is the duty of all senior dan grades to ensure that none of our students ever face the same embarrassment that that brown belt did and we believe that "if one of our black belts walks into any karate club in Great Britain (s)he will be as good as, if not better than, a comparable black belt in that club."

Unlike some clubs who hand out belts based on the number of training sessions you attend and how much money you are willing to pay, Sandokai has a set standard that we require our coloured belts to achieve and we have been warning students that we will be getting stricter in our gradings for the last 9 months to ensure we maintain our reputation for quality karate.

Today was the day that we applied strict adherence to our criteria.

Shihan Whale, Shihan Gilbert and Sensei Collick were disappointed that very few people managed to achieve the standard required on the day.

Those who passed were…

Promoted to 5th Kyu Green Belt.

Gabriel Mackley
Charles Sweeney
Daniel Westley

Promoted to 3rd Dan Black Belt
Stephen Cooke

It was a tough grading and not many passed, but well done to those who did.

For those who didn't make it… know your syllabus, perfect your kata and ippons, eradicate technical errors and have a sharp, positive attitude. Learn from the experience and come back stronger, better and more focussed.