Traditional martial arts tuition in Cornwall, UK.

Welcome to the web site of the Sandokai Karate Association

kumite punchBased in Cornwall, Sandokai has a long history in the South West of the UK, tracing it's roots to the first ever Karate club in Cornwall which opened up in the 1960's.

Sandokai's Chief Instructor, Robin Whale, started training in 1969 with the highest graded karateka in Cornwall - a green belt in Wado Ryu!

Sandokai roughly translates as "School of Three Ways", the three ways or "paths" being Kihon (training drills), Kata (forms or patterns) and Kumite (fighting).

Though not a large Karate Association by any means, Sandokai strives to ensure that it teaches and promotes top quality martial arts.

We have developed a syllabus based on traditional Japanese karate concepts, mixing both the "modern" karate format (as introduced by Funakoshi Gichin in the early 1920s) with much of the original martial forms which predate the "sanitization" and "popularisation" of karate about 100 years ago.

Combined with our karate we try to utilise modern sports' training knowledge and methodologies from a variety of sources such as Sport Science, Psychology, Biomechanics and Plyometrics.

Sandokai is proud to maintain very high standards. If all you want to do is get a black belt then Sandokai is not for you. We do not "hand out" belts.

We firmly believe that if one of our black belts walks into any karate club in Great Britain (s)he will be as good as, if not better than, a comparable black belt in that club.

There is an old Chinese saying, "the longest journey starts with but a single step". Karate is a lifelong journey, and we intend to be here with you from that first step to your last.

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