Traditional martial arts tuition in Cornwall, UK.

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The Japanese word "Karate" is made up of two pictograms - Kara and Te (meaning "Empty Hand").

Traditional forms of Karate, including Sandokai, are often referred to as Karate-Do ("The Way of the Empty Hand"), Do meaning "path" or "way".

The Do suffix indicates that the particular (Japanese) art is more than just a combat system, it is also a direction or way of life.

Apart from fighting skills, discipline, respect and courtesy are also important aspects of becoming a better person - both physically and mentally.
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Sandokai is an amalgam of three Japanese words - San (Three), Do (Way) and Kai (School).

Our logo is based on a triangle, a three sided geometric shape known for it's stability and strength.

The black triangle is surmounted by a yellow "belt"; an acknowledgement of our Cornish heritage through the national colours of black and gold.

The Japanese writing is red on a white background; red and white have great significance in Japanese culture and are the colours of the Japanese flag.

So our logo acknowledges both our Cornish and Japanese roots as well as indicating long-term stability.

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