Traditional martial arts tuition in Cornwall, UK.

Sandokai dojo will reopen when Covid restrictions allow, May 22nd for Lanner and May 27th for Playing Place. Helston is training outdoors at the moment but hopes to be indoors soon.

Training will be in a restricted form due to local and national obligations to reduce/prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Please note that this is an organised sporting event and restrictions such as the "Rule of 6" do not apply.

The situation is not ideal but it is the best we can do during the pandemic.

Please read below for our current covid requirements...

Before Training

Contact the club instructor to confirm that you are attending. We have limited space to ensure social distancing. Though guests from other dojo are always welcome, priority will be given to members of the local dojo.

Put on your gi/training clothes before leaving home. There are no changing facilities at the dojo.

Please wear suitable footwear for the dojo (trainers/plimsolls etc). We will NOT be training in bare feet.

Payments will be in cash. Please try to bring the correct training fee with you to avoid having to have change.

Toilet facilities will be limited, so please go before you leave home.

On Arrival

Please remain in your vehicles until the doors open.

Enter through the main doors straight into the dojo. Do not access any other rooms.

Hand sanitiser will be available on entry.

Please bring a minimum of bags etc. and place these to one side away from any other bags.

Pay your dojo fees, complete a Track and Trace form then go to a part of the dojo as directed.

Your temperature will be taken with a non-contact thermometer.

Masks and gloves are optional.


During Training

There will be no physical contact during the class. We will focus on fitness and technique (kihon and kata).

There will be no Kiai.

Please follow the directions of the instructor and avoid moving around the dojo unless directed to do so.

If you need to use the toilet ask the instructor who will direct you to the relevant place.

After Training

Collect your bags, coats etc and leave quietly through the designated exit.

The instructors will be available to talk to students after training but please maintain a safe distance and queue to speak to him/them.

Please bear in mind that after training the seniors grades will be busy disinfecting the dojo ready for the next users of the hall.
T & T

Track and Trace

Please complete a Track and Trace form on your first visit to the dojo. Future visits will be recorded on the usual dojo register.

If you have any doubts try or concerns please contact your instructor.